Manifest Music Festival
various locales, Chapel Hill
This is the second annual Manifest Music Festival, a festival specifically geared towards putting women & queer & non-binary people onstage. Last year's festival was a total blast. This year's should be no different. It takes place Friday & Saturday nights at the Cave, Nightlight, and Local 506.

Here's a list of all the bands performing:

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - Chapel Hill, NC
Tomboi - Jacksonville, FL
Pinkwash - Philadelphia, PA
Post Pink - Baltimore, MD
The Muslims - Durham, NC
Pie Face Girls - Raleigh, NC
Coping Skills - Philadelphia, PA
Sister,Brother - Durham, NC
Naked Naps - Raleigh, NC
Cosmic Punk - Chapel Hill, NC
Henbrain - Carrboro, NC
Mama - Winston-Salem, NC
Spookstina - Raleigh, NC
Shagw├╝f - Staunton, VA
Fitness Womxn - Carrboro, NC
SLIME - Durham, NC
Fruit Snack - Raleigh, NC
Mature Fantasy - Durham, NC
Girl Werewolf - Raleigh, NC
Cool Party - Chapel Hill, NC
Cinema Novo - Atlanta, GA
Case Sensitive - Chapel Hill, NC
fk mt. - Colombia, SC
Bangzz - Carrboro, NC